Hello, I am Alexandru Plesea. Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Sociologist, Trainer NLP, Entrepreneur – therapist in Bucharest, Romania.Traveling around the world I have gathered understanding, experience and knowledge from Western science and understanding the Orient in order to help any seeker.

I work on Skype and face to face for the following transformations:

  • Fear, Depression, Anxiety
  • Flight phobia, closed spaces, water, loneliness, spiders, snakes, heights, dogs, thunder, injections, bacteria
  • Childhood trauma / separation / divorce
  • Vices: smoking, drugs, games of chance, extreme sports
  • Low self-esteem, Lack of initiative
  • Emotional, mental or physical imbalance
  • Panic attacks
  • Stuttering, Nightmares, Impulsivity
  • Compulsive eating, the relationship between stress and disease
  • Personality / sexual disorders, Nervous tics

For Your Organization / Company / Your Business – Practical program of exercises for employees’ harmony by: Increasing concentration, developing attention, eliminating hasty behavior, controlling the emotional aspect, accentuating relationships with partners, clients or suppliers, increasing satisfaction and fulfillment at work.

Tell me what you want and i will help you!

Are you a Company, institution, entrepreneur or just a simple man that enjoys life to the fullest? I’m sure you have a purpose! You surely have a goal in your life or your company. We can accomplish this goal together through transformation.

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You’ll discover the power of innovation and focus through exercises and techniques that will bring color in your life.


You’ll find out who you can trust and understand the means to find trust in others and especially in yourself.


Courage is the open door towards something you’ve never done, thought or felt before. You’ll learn where Courage can get you if you use it to its full potential.

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