Hi! My name is Alexandru Plesea, I’m 35, and I’m a Psychology and Physical Education Graduate, two fields that I’ve passionately explored.  I’ve studied the human mind and I’ve become in the process a Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer. I’ve procured my accreditations from mentorship in USA, Romania and UK. In the meantime I’ve learned business and entrepreneurship from the best in the word and applied them in my role as the main shareholder of two successful companies for more than a decade. Travelling the whole world, I’ve managed to gather understanding and knowledge from both Western sciences and Oriental wisdom and I can share it now with you.

I’ve built this website because I want to contribute to bringing value into your life!

Hi, I am Alexandru Pleșea!

Tell me what your destination is and I’ll help you get there! Are you a Company, institution, entrepreneur or just a simple man that enjoys life to the fullest? I’m sure you have a purpose! You surely have a goal in your life or your company. We can accomplish this goal together through transformation.

Discover Work with me


You’ll discover the power of innovation and focus through exercises and techniques that will bring color in your life.


You’ll find out who you can trust and understand the means to find trust in others and especially in yourself.


Courage is the open door towards something you’ve never done, thought or felt before. You’ll learn where Courage can get you if you use it to its full potential.